Winter Guest

Colorado City

Under a large and crystal sky
The still and silent deserts lie
Sifted and shaped by wind and water
Baked by the sun’s relentless eye

To pilgrims drawn here yet unknowing
Dunes and towers ever growing
In a land of quick and quiet danger
Adventure beckons for the sewing

Rock and stone reveal passing ages
Ticking time, adventurers, sages
Seeking fortune, life, or shelter
From storming furies, violent rages

Sandstone walls reach for the moon
Stark and gaunt but for a tune
No jewels adorn the barren land
Until winter alights, unbidden in festoon

Waves of sand crowned all in white
Gleam beneath a restless light
Rolling on toward the dying sun
Wind’s companion of the night

Whispering through the canyons creep
Howls and hoots and secrets seep
Smoke curls through the heavy boughs
Senses alert, a vigil keep

Sparks take flight and dance on air
Winter is crisp and clear and fair
Laughter echoes soft and hollow
Visitors sew tales of courage and flair

Beneath looming sentries o’er their heads
Casting shadows on their sandy beds
Softly blinking eyes from above
Look down where they had slowly tread

Upon morn’s late and gentle glow
The walls aflame in view from below
Awakened to the desert’s gifts
It was to see, to feel, and to know

Sailors set on ropes and gear
Navigating perilous routes this year
For rigging, climbing, steep and sure
They soaked it in `cause time was near

The pinnacle of winter’s visit is passing
The silent entourage is amassing
Perchance you are one of the lucky few
To be in her presence unsurpassing

The landscape awaits indifferent, alone
To those unwittingly to her blown
Getting answers to questions they did not ask
Fearful they may have never known

The desert winter is swift and fleeting
Too fast for many hoping a chance, a meeting
Some blinked and missed it, distracted, despairing
With heavy heart as she was retreating


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