Recapture Canyon & Blanding Protest – Videos

My assessment of the Blanding Protest: While Commissioner Lyman may have expressed concern about breaking the law (though he had no moral problem with it) and admitted that staying off the closed road would be the “intelligent” thing to do, it is clear he used caution because there was a large media presence there who would, in his words, “try them in the public eye.”

Though he had called the Bundy’s about the protest and stated he supported their cause, he reiterated a desire for safety and peaceful protest. Of course Ryan Bundy and his crowd did show up, whether by invitation or out of a mutual cause is not clear. What is clear is that Bundy wanted to commit the act of defiance and was not pleased with the change in plans to abide by the law. He stated, “I came here to open a road. If we’re not doing that, I’m going home.” He and his crowd persuaded all the others (it didn’t take much), including the Commissioner, to carry forth with the original intent to ride through the canyon.

While Stefnee Turk of the San Juan Alliance stated that the militiamen were not necessarily wanted there and that the event was planned before the Bundy showdown (she did not illegally ride through the canyon), it is clear in my mind that the Commissioner relished if not invited their presence, acquiesced to their wishes, and knew that they would get a lot of bang for their buck as he did the illegal ride after all. I am not suggesting that the Commissioner planned a “good cop bad cop” situation, but one can certainly speculate. Do we believe their words or their actions? It is easy to have a peaceful protest with a peaceful outcome when there is no opposition, law enforcement, Native American, Environmental, or otherwise.

Furthermore, when the local law enforcement contingent, the sheriffs in this case, state support for one side of this contentious cause with as many opposed to it as there are in support of it, it adds a certain level of security for one group at the expense of the others. It’s no wonder no one showed up to oppose it – there was no guarantee law enforcement would protect everyone equally, or that those breaking the law would abide any other laws or rules of conduct.

More videos to come as I get them uploaded.

An interesting sidenote: This weekend the BLM and Utah brokered a land swap deal. Sensitive riparian habitat for energy productive land with mineral deposits.


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