Clint Eastwood and the bastardization of human decency


The internet is a-buzz with Clint Eastwood quotes from a recent Esquire Magazine interview. The most quotable quote comes from his declaration that he would vote for Donald Trump and defends Trump’s rhetoric by saying, “Just fucking get over it. We’re living in a pussy generation.”

He blames political correctness, but what he is really putting down is those who dare request that people act like decent human beings. Everyone who derides “political correctness” really just hates that they can’t say whatever they want without consequences, without guilt, and without being labeled for what they really are.

Clint Eastwood coming out and saying this is disappointing but not surprising. What is sad is all the Christian conservatives sharing his quote to validate how they feel.

I recently saw a post saying that there was no room for Christians in the Democratic party because of its stance on abortion. I would argue that the Republican Party is in an awkward position to be throwing stones and have seen no evidence that they have the moral high ground.

When Christians (and no it’s not all of them) promote demeaning and disrespecting people, they betray their faith. And when they justify it by standing behind Clint Eastwood and decrying political correctness, they just look like hypocrites who cherry-pick Bible verses.

When someone puts you down and then makes it about you not having thick skin, or puts your beliefs and values down and then says, but it wasn’t personal; what they are really doing is justifying their own mean behavior because you call them on it.

What Eastwood and those like him don’t seem to understand is that political correctness is just another way of saying, “Treat others how you like to be treated.” Jesus said, “Out of the mouth the heart speaks.” It’s interesting that so many of his followers either conveniently forget this or brazenly champion the opposite. This is an example of why so many are turned off by religion.

We should definitely look for moral leaders to lead this country, but people running for office are human and they are not perfect; therefore, we have to choose who we think the best candidate is based on our own values and beliefs. But lets not go around saying that one party has the moral high ground, or one candidate is evil while our very own is no better.

Clint Eastwood may have grown up in a generation where racism was more accepted, but we have progressed since then and I would argue for the better. Only someone in a group not discriminated against would suggest that going back to a time where demeaning and disrespecting other groups and classes of people without recrimination would be better than striving to be our better selves. Being politically incorrect is not preferable to treating people with common decency and respect.

We all have a right to express ourselves, but just because we have the right to say something doesn’t mean it’s right to say it. We all inherently know this when it happens to us.

The Guardian:



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